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Increase detection. Make your brand thrive.

Protect your product and your reputation in today’s competitive marketplace with Thermo Scientific Metal Detectors for the food industry. Our customized industrial food metal detection equipment provides reliable, cost-effective protection from even the smallest metal contaminants found in food production anywhere in a process. Learn more about our industrial metal detectors.

Sentinel 5000 Multiscan Metal Detector

Overcome the limitations of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors in the food industry with the Thermo Scientific Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector. Scan up to five user-selectable frequencies at a time for unmatched sensitivity. Your brand is your most valuable asset. Provide the highest levels of food safety with the Sentinel 5000 featuring multiscan.

Xpert Bulk X-Ray Inspection Systems

Protect product integrity with flexible food x-ray inspection systems that detect a range of contaminants and product flaws in nearly any size or shape packaged food product. The Thermo Scientific Xpert Bulk X-Ray Inspection Systems find contaminants such as metal, rock, plastic and glass and remove them prior to further processing, providing instant cost savings.

Versa Flex Checkweigher

Drive down total cost of ownership for dry package weighing applications with the fixed height Thermo Scientific Versa Flex Checkweigher. This general purpose unit weighs light to heavy-weight packaged food, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

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